• Preparation of As-Built documents for process / power plants.

In order to operate a plant safely and reliably, the first prerequisite is to know exactly what shape it is in. Thus for smooth, efficient operation it is essential for the plant documentation to reflect plant reality as accurately as possible. Here, instrumentation and control planning systems (I&C-CAE systems) provide the necessary support. In the classic process industry the plants involved are usually large production plants consisting of individual plant components which are mostly non-centrally organized. These individual components are often built up gradually. Depending on their date of construction, an I&C-CAE system may often not have been planned in originally. It would then have to be integrated into an already-existing IT environment.

We provide our services  to integrate all I&C technical data and drawings like loop diagrams, interconnecting wiring diagrams, instruments specifications etc. in to a single database to avoid modification of several files manually for any updating / changes and to save time and efforts in collecting the desired data during maintenance.

We endeavor to generate a fully integrated CAE world, in which data are always up to date and accessible to all departments. With LiveDOK®, we give you the option of managing, browsing and correcting all documents, plans and paperwork for industrial plants in digital format and on a real-time basis. Changes, additions and new documents are recorded immediately and visible to all involved in the project.

• Cable Engineering projects on ProDOK® software.

We undertake Cable Engineering projects on ProDOK® software. All the cable and wiring database is prepared. Project specific formats are implemented for reports such as Cable schedules, JB schedules, Cable Interconnections etc.

• Preparation of Loop drawings & Logic diagrams in ProDOK® software.

We offer our services for preparing Loop drawings & Logic diagrams using ProDOK® software.

• Reverse engineering of Heat Exchangers & Pressure Vessels for Brownfield projects.

Very often, in the case of revamp / brownfield projects, the absence of design inputs is a big impediment. We do reverse engineering to find out the design parameters of existing Heat Exchangers and Pressure Vessels. This ensures that the updated/new design has the correct inputs and meets the process parameters.

• Control Valves calculations and design check with Conval® software.

• Man-power support at plant site:

We provide our engineers to keep your plant documentation always Up-to-date!

• Software Marketing & Support

We sell, support, customize and provide training on:

ProDOK NG® - CAE System for Instrumentation from Rösberg Engineering, Germany.

LiveDOK NG® - Central e-Documentation software from Rösberg Engineering, Germany.

CONVAL® - software for integrated design and optimization of components in industrial plant systems from F.I.R.S.T., GmbH, Germany.

ROHR2® - CAE System for Static and Dynamic Analysis of Complex Piping and Steel Structure,FEM analysis,Flange analysis from SIGMA Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH, Germany

CMPIC® - Cable management software for controlling the design, routing and installation of all types of cabling from Cloudis Limited,UK

logi.DOC® - Universal function planning tool from logi.cals, Austria.

logi.CAD® - State-of-the-Art PLC Programming from logi.cals, Austria.

• Training

At CADtech, we have always believed that for productive output, it is necessary to have thorough knowledge of the tools & options available in the software one is working with. Hence our training sessions are based upon the customers' specific needs with ample relevant examples to practice upon.

Highlights of our training programs:

• Modular & customized training contents conducted at customers' place.
• Highly competent instructors with vast experience on projects.
• Focus on practical applications with enough hands-on exercises.
• Group discussions & interactive sessions encouraged.
• Efficient "Post Training Support".

Training programs on :

• ROHR2® • LiveDOK®
• CMPIC® • logi.DOC®

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