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ProDOK NG® is the I&C CAE system for the planning and operational support of I&C installations. Wherever ProDOK NG® is used, rational, consistent project planning and consistent documentation are guaranteed. ProDOK NG® ensures an integrated planning process with unified rules.

The scope of ProDOK NG‘s functions comprehensively fulfills the requirements of I&C project engineers for the project phases of basic planning, function planning, realization planning and installation planning - whether the planning of new projects, alterations or extensionsis concerned  - and provides optimal support in the operative phase.

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Benefits of using Prodok during Engineering Phase ...

Benefits of using Prodok during Operations & Maintenance Phase ...

 Process Planning

Data transfer from P&ID

Process data sheet

List of electrical energy consumers

Signal list

Basic Planning

Instrument List

Single-line signal flow diagrams

Logic diagrams



Detailed Design

Loop diagrams

Terminal plans

Field Junction Boxes

Cable Lists

Device Specifications

Barrier construction plans

Control room layout plans

Benefits of using ProDOK®

During Engineering Phase

  • Data centric application – any data to be entered exactly once and then picked and placed in different drawings/ documents.
  • Logical structure tree – Process parameters / Signals generated / Device type - helps to visualize the scenario better.
  • Standardization of documents as they are generated on standard reports/ typicals.
  • Single point storage of data. Any change in drawing/database gets adjusted through all document groups.
  • Prevention of manual errors such as duplication of tag number, cable number and mismatch wiring .
  • User-friendly copying and editing functions support the efficient & quick creation of new project document from existing project data.
  • Import/ export utilities help in integrating and sharing project data & documents with vendors.

During Operations & Maintenance Phase

  • Support of master libraries to enforce engineering/customer standards
  • Easy input of as-built data and documentation
  • Electronic documentation enables access to all users
  • Interface to SAP MM and PM.
  • Redline, Markups, Notes support maintenance tasks.
  • Powerful queries within projects.
  • No software required to navigate I&C documents - Internet Explorer/Mozilla Firefox/Netscape Navigator is sufficient.
  • Powerful search function to navigate through Plant Documentation.


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