The universal function plan tool is the basis for a variety of further steps in the engineering process.
logi.DOC describes the function of the plant to be realized and documents its behavior.

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  • Intelligence in the plan
  • Less workload - better results
  • Reduced engineering costs
  • Quality assurance by Revision Management

Specification and Documentation with logi.DOC

Develop function plans and sequential function charts (SFC) with logi.DOC power. More efficiently and with integrated quality assurance.

Efficient & powerful

The components of the logi.DOC platform support engineers in all phases of development and with using functional specifications. This starts with the design of the core logics and is continued with simulation, test and documentation. Use the efficient version management for successful and convenient team-work. Create high-quality, freely designable documentation including revisions - even multi-lingual - by help of logi.DICT.

Comprehensive & flexible

Supporting multi-screen desktops, Office document embedding as well as innovative functions in its FBD editor, logi.DOC meets all requirements for a universal documentation platform. State-of-the-art performance features facilitate your work in any project phase. Decide yourself which standard you want to meet: NAMUR NA 50, VGB-R170 C, ISA S5.2, IEC 61131-3, VDI/VDE 3696, DIN 60848 (DIN 40719) or your own standard. logi.DOC supports you right from the start.

logi.DOC and logi.CAD - Bridge between functional specification and programming

Together, logi.DOC and logi.CAD make an extremely efficient bridge between functional specification and programming. In logi.DOC, the functions of a proposed plant are defined and documented in co-operation with a process engineer. In logi.CAD those plans can be improved and programmed. Programming in logi.CAD is however also possible without preliminary work in logi.DOC.


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