Within 48 hours your control system can be up and running with logi.CAD power.

Programming your system will be more efficient than ever.

Open 61131-3 Automation Platform

System Integration in a few steps

Full Service Automation with logi.CAD

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More intelligence for your hardware

With logi.CAD and logi.RTS, your hardware shows its real capabilities.

Automation platform and Soft-PLC/RTU/DCS according to IEC 61131-3 and far beyond that.

Comprehensive & Flexible

logi.CAD allows easy handling of complex and heterogeneous automation projects. The software integrates seamlessly into various engineering environments. It supports users with planning and programming according to IEC 61131-3 and many other standards.

Comprehensive Engineering Concept

logi.cals helps protect investments and balance engineering workload by strictly maintaining hardware independence.

logi.cals tools and components for automation engineering cover functional specification, programming, visualization and tests and also support users with commissioning, plant operation and maintenance.

logi.DOC and logi.CAD - Bridge between functional specification and programming

Together, logi.DOC and logi.CAD make an extremely efficient bridge between functional specification and programming. In logi.DOC, the functions of a proposed plant are defined and documented in co-operation with a process engineer. In logi.CAD those plans can be improved and programmed. Programming in logi.CAD is however also possible without preliminary work in logi.DOC.


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