Cable Management Challenges

A document outlining the major challenges faced by companies involved in cable design and installation and how CMPIC software addresses them.

• Ensuring accuracy and consistency of data
This is of course an issue which is not limited to the area of cable management. However, we have found that maintaining accuracy and consistency often cause more problems here because the electrical engineering and C&I disciplines frequently rely on tools which do not necessarily meet their needs.

• Time pressure
Because of the nature of the design process it is common for the electrical and C&I engineers to be pushed ever closer to target completion dates because of the absence of accurate engineering data. This data, in our experience, typically comprises of at least one of the following: cable containment sizing not ready, cable types to be used not yet finalised, bulkhead and floor penetration sizing not available, final decisions on cable segregation allocation to tray or hanger tiers not yet taken, equipment not yet definitively located in an area or compartment etc.

• Deriving accurate cable MTO data as early as possible
There are two issues involved here. Firstly there is the need to forecast, as accurately as possible, the requirements for any long lead delivery times for the various cable types. Secondly, as cable routing is completed, firming up all cable type (and associated equipment) requirements so that these can be drummed by the manufacturer, or ordered in if standard stock items.

Thermowell Failure - a Case Study

The thermowell may seem a fairly simple piece of equipment, designed to act as a barrier between temperature sensor and the process medium.
Yet it is fundamental to the safety of the process; a faulty thermowell can jeopardize the whole operation.

The main risk comes from vortices forming in the process medium around the thermowell, which can cause vibrations. The stresses caused around the stem of the thermowell by these vibrations can, over time, lead to failure.

Incorrectly specifying pressure-retaining parts can have disastrous consequences, in the worst cases potentially leading to loss of life & loss of the plant.

General Renovation Without Shutdown

Complete “Carefree” Plant Modernization Package

Most process plants are in operation over several decades. During this time, of course, parts of the plant and individual components will repeatedly have to be replaced. The necessary work can generally be performed during the scheduled downtimes for servicing and maintenance, and sometimes even while the machines are running.The situation gets more complicated, however, when a general renovation is on the agenda, involving the comprehensive renewal of measuring technology, distribution and control system, and power supply. But even a complex modernization can be carried out without additional downtimes, as the following example demonstrates. Experience and competence are essential prerequisites, as well as good planning and preparation - in other words, what is needed is a competent partner.

Heterogeneous Systems, Need of the Hour in Process Industry

One-system integrated engineering does not match up with reality

Today, the term ‘integrated engineering’ has become commonplace when it comes to plant engineering in the process industry. At first, the statement that ‘integrated engineering does not match up with reality’ may seem intriguing! Nevertheless, a closer look at the realities of planning shows that the ‘best of everything’ approach offers many advantages, provided it is realized in the right way.

The idea of gathering all project data in one common database and using one tool for complete lifecycle of the plant, from concept and basic planning through detailed planning and construction to commissioning and operation, does sound attractive. However, what sounds good in theory unfortunately does not work in practice. Only in rare cases, it is possible for a whole enterprise to switch to one integrated software solution – not to mention any project partners who may be involved. Reality in the process industry and hence its software solutions are definitely heterogeneous.

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